Vehicle fleet
Our long wheel base BMW 7 Series and BMW GT are at the top of the BMW range for their categories. Whilst offering a choice of vehicle styles designed for differing driving tasks, they are none the less equal in their economical yet powerful performance. With up to 242 bhp their eight speed automatic gearboxes ensure such performance is delivered effortlessly ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.
Impressive specification

Fitted with the latest driver aids including full European satellite navigation and traffic monitoring with congestion avoidance, our vehicles are also well specified for the comfort of our clients. Heated, reclining seats, personal reading lights and individual climate control add to the opulence of their full leather interior, plush wooden trim and soft pile carpeting. Our vehicles provide a technical tour de force for the discerning chauffeur, wrapped in luxurious surrounding the discerning traveller has come to expect.

More comfort

In order to ensure the further comfort of our clients, we include a selection of daily broadsheets, periodicals, travel lozenges and mineral water.

Security and experience
Our high performance vehicles are all fitted with privacy glazing with rear and side window blinds for enhanced privacy. Drive away locking ensures against carjacking and other exterior threats. While our police training in anti hijack techniques, category 'A' convoy driving and close protection, ensure an enhanced level of security and confidence. Our BMW fleet provides an impressive tool that fully compliments the skills of our professional chauffeuring team.
Enhanced driving needs
Our BMW GT ensures that we can get you where you want to go regardless of terrain or weather conditions. Equipped with a full set of winter tyres from the end of October through to the end of March each year, not only does its powerful engine deliver sure footed performance in any condition, but it is the perfect back up vehicle for a security convoy scenario or indeed, just when a bigger boot is needed!
Trustworthy and discrete
Our five chauffeurs provide an unrivalled standard of expertise and professionalism. They are fully uniformed, trustworthy and discrete, courteous and reliable. They are all former police officers and are proud to hold over nine advanced driving qualifications between them.

You will not find client testimonials on our website out of respect for client confidentiality. We can request personalised testimonials from a number of our clients, should you wish. That said, our clients do and have included members of the Royal Family, Cabinet Ministers, Chairman of FTSE 100 companies and renowned journalists and international bestselling authors and artists, along with celebrities very much in the public domain.
Environmental statement
We fully appreciate the effect that driving large vehicles has on our environment and its resources. We also appreciate that our clients need the use of vehicles with a level of comfort, performance, security and range to ensure productive use of their time whilst on the move. Both our modern BMWs are fitted with BMW's award winning 'Efficient Dynamics' technology, which through a combination of features ensures high performance whilst achieving some of the lowest CO2 emissions from cars within their respective classes.
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